Digital Courier Delivers - VersionOne, Microsoft Team Foundation, & Jira Software Integration with CA Clarity PPM

CA PPM Adaptor for Atlasian JIRA Agile

Business Challenges

While the benefits of agile thinking, planning, and development are strickingly clear, the real challenge is scaling agile development to support critical enterprise-wide activities such as Resource Capacity Planning and Financial Capitalization.  The Project Management Office must capture accurate  time from their agile development teams to enable these governance activities, but this often leads to duplicate time entry and tension between Development and the PMO... and this can result in poor data analysis due to weak adoption of tracking systems.  The PMO and Agile Development teams must collaborate effectively to achieve their synergistic goals.


Digital Celerity’s Agile PPM Adapter for CA Clarity PPM and VersionOne Agile Software captures team capacity, and Story progress information in VersionOne, MS Team Foundation Services, and Jira automatically sending this information to CA Clarity PPM as Time Entry, which enables Resource Capacity Planning, Financial Capitization and an Agile innovation process.

Digital Courier for Agile Portfolio Governance

CA PPM Adaptor for VersionOne Agile

CA PPM Adaptor for Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) Agile

CA PPM Adaptor for Atlasian JIRA Agile

The solution utilizes the data captured from the natural Agile Development process of running an Agile project and transforms the data into meaningful information to address common PMO concerns including:


  • How much does a Project Cost?
  • Are Strategic Objectives getting the attention they deserve?
  • How to Capitalize Developed Software?
  • How to manage the Time Tracking, and Financial Capitalization processes?
  • How to implement an extensible Agile PPM integration solution that works with existing CA Clarity and VersionOne, Microsoft Foundation Server or Jira Agile data that is easily installed, with minimum infrastructure requirements and is simple to administer?

Click on the graphic below and watch VersionOne with CA Clarity PPM integration in action!